Friday, 9 May 2008

Mirliton Florentines - Ian Dyer

Today's post features the collection of Ian Dyer and his Florentine army in particular. I really like the effect of the massed pavises and the scenic effects used in basing the handgunners. The figures are from his 500 point DBM army representing a Florentine Condotta Army of 1416 – 1440. The Army list is Book 4, No. 61, Italian Condotta.

The figures were painted by Dale Hayton and based by Ian who also added the flags and banners. Ian tells me that he is still adding more flags and banners.

All the figures shown are from the Mirliton Condotta range with pavises from Essex. In fact, Ian's request for pavises led me to include a set in the upcoming range of Vexillia Miniatures.

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