Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Vexillia Sneaky Peek – Part II

In April I posted some photos of the upcoming range of 15 mm figures from Vexillia Miniatures.  Since then the new range has progressed nicely and details have been released:
“The new range will focus on Medieval eastern Europe and marks a major commitment by Vexillia to provide high quality wargames miniatures for this neglected period. 
The first release will be a range of generic period infantry and cavalry suitable for many of the medieval nations of Eastern Europe. More will follow. 
The range has been sculpted by Clibinarium to match both Mirliton and Essex Miniatures. All weapons and shields are cast separately allowing you to easily add variety to your units.”
I now have first production samples for all the crossbow men from VXEF001.  So I got my paint brush out and got to work:

I’m still not totally happy with the photography as I think the lighting could be improved.  I’m resisting the urge to do the Photoshop thing.

Anyway the figures painted well and they will be added to my Later Polish army now they have had their photos taken.

For full details, the release schedule and advancing ordering information visit the Vexillia Miniatures page.

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