Saturday, 16 August 2008

Vexillia Eastern European Medievals - Ged Cronin

Here’s another example of Ged’s excellent brushwork.  This time featuring the brand new 15 mm Eastern European Medieval range from Vexillia Miniatures.

When I sent Ged the samples I challenged him to show what he could do with the pavises.  I think he’s more than met the challenge.  The colour choice for the quatering is spectacular as are the freehand devices on the pavises.

The early hand gunners above actually caused me quite a few problems as I took lots of shots to try and get photos that reflected the quality of the brushwork.  Still not sure I managed it.

The figures above are due for release on 01 September 2008 from Vexillia Miniatures and are available for advance orders.

Ged runs his own painting service, GJM Figurines, if the work inspires you to retain his services.  Highly recommended.

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