Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mirliton Teutonics - Andrew Watkins & Ray Haskins

One of the strange things about running Vexillia is how the highs and lows follow very quickly, one after the other. 

On Monday I managed to post a Venexia order to Andrew by mistake!  Imagine two wargaming Andrew Watkins. I called Andrew to ask him to return the parcel for me. 

During the call he mentioned he was setting up a large game for the following day using the Mirliton figures he bought back in 2006. Being a bit cheeky I asked for some photos and they arrived today.  So enjoy Andrew and Rays lovely brushwork. 

Can you spot the Mirliton Russians in amongst the Teutonics and Communal Italians?

1 comment:

GuzziSteve said...


I was very impressed with your Teutonic Army - a real inspiration!
I thought your Turcoplos really looked the part.