Friday, 6 February 2009

Venexia Spanish Pike Squares - Ruben Torregrosa

Back in May 2008 Ruben sent me some photos of his Spanish Coronelia or Tercio and the post has proved really popular.  So you can imagine how pleased I was when the photos below arrived by email.

As always with Ruben’s work there is some serious detail on show. It is well worth clicking on each picture to view the larger image and marvel at the detail that Ruben’s added.

Rueben has used figures from Venexia’s 15 mm Italian Wars range.

I am particularly impressed by the subtle, and consistent, colour scheme.  I an also in awe of Ruben’s photography skills.  I wish I was this good with a camera.

If you liked this check out Ruben's blog.


Nagash said...

Hya, awesome pictures!!!!

The link to his blog is broken, u should add "http://" before "www.".


Vexillia Limited said...

Thanks for the comment and I've fixed the link.

Giles said...

Those are indeed pretty spectacular figures. It's tempting to go all out for colour with this period, but these pics show that sticking to a comparatively simple colour scheme can pay dividends.


richard said...

Are those pike heads the ones that come with the figures?

Vexillia Limited said...

Yes. The Pike heads come with the figures.