Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Freezywater Flags - Jason Dawson

This post is a first as it does not contain any pictures of figures available from Vexillia.  It does however contain some wonderful brush work and great use of Freezywater flags to add that extra something to some 15 mm Hussite figures.

The figures are from Museum Miniatures  but the pavises, crossbowmen and hand gunners from the Vexillia Eastern European range would have been ideal for the infantry above and the crew of the war wagons below.

The colour choices and designs on the wagon sides are really good and have resulted in good contrast and bright designs without them being garish.

Again the colour palette works well on the knights above and the cavalry below with the flags really making each element special.

Jason runs his own painting service and there’s lots more pictures at JAD Designs.

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