Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Mirliton Fantasy Barbarian - Eric Bonsall

This post features the excellent work of Eric Bonsall who painted this Grenadier figure of Cu'hllaigh (Barbarian Warchief) for a friend.   Lucky friend.

His brief was to represent an RPG  character, who is a seagoing adventurer.  Eric’s friend wanted a pale, scruffy looking beard, a campaign damaged shield boss and, as the character had recently made some money,  an expensive looking cloak.  I think you’ll agree that Eric fully met his brief:

The figure is BA027F from Mirliton who have nearly finished re-releasing the whole Fantasy Warriors from Grenadier.  The Barbarian range is a classic and was sculpted by Mark Copplestone of course.  All the Mirliton Fantasy ranges are readily available as special orders.

Eric is not a professional painter but does accept occasional commissions to pay for his hobby and he can be contacted via Vexillia.

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I live in Mila so I'm interested in other stuff apart from the well known and excellent Mirliton