Friday, 22 January 2010

Corvus Belli 15 mm - Jason Tilley

Here’s some excellent brushwork from Jason’s Hundred Years War army based for the Impetus  rules.  All the figures shown here are from the Corvus Belli HYW range.

Firstly some shots of the army in use:

Jason has really used the larger Impetus base sizes very well to produce a wonderful looking army.

Next the individual elements.

As always, medieval knights add colour to an army and I particularly like the clean style and simple colours used here.   

No HYW army would be complete without lots of archers and men at arms on foot:

These foot elements are my favourite as the colour scheme and clean painting style really capture the spirit of the period.

I couldn’t resist finishing with yet more knights.

If you want to see how the army fared in action there are battle reports a plenty on Jason’s Geektactica blog which also features further high quality galleries.

Overall a great army.  Well done Jason and thanks for letting me post them here.

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