Saturday, 15 May 2010

Late Medieval 15 mm - John Lavery & David Taylor

Today’s pictures were taken by medieval enthusiast David Taylor.  They show his medieval Burgundian army featuring the ever popular Charles the Bold.  David was the flag master whilst the  figures were painted by his good friend John Lavery:

This element uses two Venexia Italian Wars command figures, an Essex herald and Freezywater flags.   It’s nice to see this done as I often suggested just this to customers buying the Mirliton Burgundian range as it really makes the army commander stand out.

The above shows 72 Burgundian knights and what a sight they are!  Great brushwork and a “flagtastic” display to intimidate any opponent.

Here are the supporting Italian crossbowmen from Mirliton’s Condotta range using the Corvus Belli pavises.  There’s some excellent free hand brushwork here as well as a knowledge of Italian heraldry.

Finally, here’s a shot of the army arrayed complete with Baueda camp.  All in all a truly impressive sight.

Well good lads.

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