Saturday, 11 September 2010

Corvus Belli 15 mm - Jason Tilley

It’s been nearly a year since Jason finished the bulk of his Free Company army for Impetus using the Corvus Belli HYW range.   After playing a few games he’s decided to add a unit of men at arms so that each unit of archers has its own dedicated unit of men-at-arms.

As before this unit demonstrates Jason’s high impact painting style.  The results always look clean and the figures stand out.  I for one will be “borrowing” some of the colour choices.

The priest and kneeling knight are from the HYW Infantry Command Group (code CB812) and the diorama style base looks great.

If you want to see how the army fares in action there are battle reports a plenty on Jason’s Geektactica blog which also features further high quality galleries.

Overall a great addition to any army.  Well done to Jason and thanks for letting me post them here.

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