Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mirliton 15 mm - Eddy M

What follows is a true treat.  Eddy is Italian and these pictures first appeared on the DBMM website Tagmata run by Lorenzo Mele.

The army represent the Florence host at the battle of Campaldino in 1289.  All the heraldry has been thoroughly researched and is correct and hand painted.  Most of the miniatures are from Mirliton’s Italian Commune Wars range but many have been modified.  I spotted a few Essex horses here and there.


Militia pavisiers and crossbow:


Militia spearmen:

Militia spear and hordes:

The Carroccio:


Doug said...

Good grief.. those are truly both inspirational and depressing. perhaps the finest 15mm painting I have ever seen.

Neri de' Bardi said...

Heraldy is not hand Painted, it is actually stancil... and it is not correct beside some family crest there is a mistake in the pavesieri unit: guelf and gibellin flags together.
Still a stunning army :)