Thursday, 30 December 2010

Mirliton 15 mm Communal Italians - Mario Storace

Lorenzo Mele runs

a web site dedicated to DBMM and wargaming in Italy.  He includes a really sumptuous gallery of painted armies and I have already featured Eddy M’s Florentines.

The latest addition is of a similar high standard and features figures from Mirliton’s Communal Italian range by Mario Storace. 

All the heraldry is the result of detailed research and all the shields and banners are hand painted.

The three army general’s elements.

The Carroccio and oxen.

City knights.

Rural knights.

Pavesari and crossbowmen.  The round top shields are available in separate weapons packs (see R 017).

Communal infantry.

Mercenary crossbowmen and berrovieri.


Richard Lockwood said...

Just abut to start paining my own Ghibelline Sienna army - this is great inspiration. May need to order one or two extra bits and pieces as well!

Anonymous said...

It is inspirational work and I'm glad you may need a few more figures.

Paolo Ferraris said...

...magnifici!...ho appena dipinto anchio gli stessi pezzi per Montaperti!...purtroppo non ho la stessa "mano"...Complimenti Mario!