Friday, 18 February 2011

Mirliton Fantasy Barbarian - Orctrader

Here’s another great piece of work from the talented Mr. Orctrader featuring a Barbarian Sorcerer/Shaman. 

I’ve featured Orctrader’s work before and there’s lots more of his wonderful work at
The figure is BA009F, Asarlai the Dark. Originally produced by Grenadier, and now available from Mirliton , the Barbarian range is a classic sculpted by Mark Copplestone. 

Mirliton have now finished re-releasing the all the Fantasy Warriors ranges from Grenadier and they are readily available from Vexillia as special orders.

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Vexillia Limited said...

I've just found out that this figure was entered in a painting competition run by Miniature Heroes; one of our retail partners. Well worth a look.