Monday, 9 May 2011

Venexia 15 mm - Inkub

Here’s some stunning work from Artur of Poland showcasing his skills and the New Kingdom Egyptian range released last year.   Do click on each of the images that follow as Artur has provided some excellent panorama shots of his figures.

First off is a superb chariot element (EG01) with added runner:

Not only has he captured the feel of the period but he’s taken some stunning photographs.  Next there’s some archers (EGI07) showing some fine detailed work:

Followed by some Javelin men (EGI 09) with a great skin tone:

Lastly, there’s some Nubian archers (EGI08):

Artur has done a fair bit of conversion work to give a little variety so do visit his blog at for more work in progress pictures , a description of what these figures were like to paint and some painting notes.

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