Friday, 17 June 2011

Mirliton Early Medievals 28 mm - Igwarg

Igwarg Studio is a long time collector of Mirliton 28 mm medieval figures.  He has recently posted photos of late 13th or early 14th century figures suitable for Flemish, German or Italian city states from Mirliton's Italian city militia range.

Igwarg chose Mirliton because “there is a lot of variety in poses and in armour that other manufacturers don't make” although he did end up making his own pikes as they were stronger than those provided.

Igwarg also provided a photo of figures from Mirliton’s Catalan range. They are all heavily armoured infantry and ideal for generic first rank infantry that all countries of this  period. It's Mirliton's older range and the figures are closer to 25 mm than 28 mm.

All in all some excellent brushwork on display with interesting colour selections resulting in a colourful and varies array of figures suitable for many armies of the period as Igwarg intended.

For more comments and size comparison photos see Igwarg’s original article.

If you are interested in these figures get in touch as they aren’t in UK stock and will have to be ordered for you. 

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