Thursday, 8 September 2011

Campaign Games 15 mm Napoleonics - Niall Sterry

Today’s post features the work of UK professional figure painter Niall Sterry who runs the Waterloo 1815 Painting Service.  Naturally he chose figures from Campaign Games’ Waterloo 1815 range and Coat d’Arms paints.

First of all there’s some Belgian 1st Carabiniers (CGD005C):

Belgian Line infantry (CGD001F):

Belgian Line infantry (CGD004F):

4th Dutch Light Dragoons (CGD013C):

Finally, there’s some command figures starting with some Belgian & Dutch Colonels (NOFW002 & NOFW003):

Niall is currently accepting commissions and units will occasionally be available on eBay.  To enquire about a commission call Niall on +44 1908 669 465.

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