Sunday, 28 October 2012

Corvus Belli 15 mm - Matt Standen

Today’s post features more work from Matt.  In the past he’s provided pictures of his Mirliton Swiss  and Corvus Belli EIR Romans.  The latter also feature here but as the hapless enemy of some fierce Ancient Britons lead by Boudicca

As you can see Matt’s not afraid to tackle tattoos and checks.  Brave man! In common with many wargames these Celts grew out of a side project.  As Matt said when he sent me the photos:
“Although I never really set my sights on producing of a good size Celtic army, its always a pleasure to paint Corvus Belli miniatures.”
See what you think:

The 10 base war band is a mix of CB102, CB103, CB104 & CB105, with a command element from CB101. The slingers are CB106, the chariots CB113, and the brilliant Boudicca & chariot CB115.

Finally, here’s what happened to those pesky Romans:

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