Monday, 19 November 2012

Something A Little Different

This is an unusual post because there’s not a single painted figure from Vexillia in any of the photos.  The following are all from the Madaxeman’s latest series of hugely enjoyable, irreverent and chaotic FOG Renaissance battle reports.

So why are they being posted here?  Well, because they highlight how well the Vexillia game tokens work in practice.

The first photo shows how clearly they mark the disrupted battle group on the right and how the Madaxeman’s opponent had committed both generals to the fight.

The next shows two broken battle groups marked with tokens.  The Madaxeman’s opponent is using the deluxe tokens with white text which makes them stand out even more.

The final photo shows the whole game with three broken battle groups clearly marked: two on the right and one on the left.  Click on the image to view the larger image and you’ll see how easy it is to see the tokens on the table:

For a full report of the game visit the Madaxeman’s website.

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