Monday, 4 November 2013

15 mm Corvus Belli EIR - Phil Hart

Phil runs the Hart of War painting service and has joined the Vexillia Customer BlogRoll with a post about some recently completed Early Imperial Romans.  
From his blog:
"The following were for sale on Ebay in units of 24 figures. They are based on 40x15 MDF bases, 4 figures to a base as per FOG/DBA/DBM rules etc, but as they are painted to order the basing can be changed, as can the shield designs."
The first units are classic Romans in lorica segmentata:

There's some really good work here with nice colour schemes and attention to detail. Finally there's a unit in winter dress.  A nice, and unusual, unit that adds variety:

Phil's view on the figures is worth noting:
"I am very impressed with Corvus Belli Early Imperial Romans. They are good quality castings and paint up brilliantly."
I'd certainly agree with the latter as Phil has done a really good job.  He says nice things about Vexillia too but I'm too shy to repeat them here.  If you are in the market for some Romans you can contact Phil via

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