Monday, 27 January 2014

15 mm Mirliton Early Polish - Maciek Kwieciñski

The latest addition to the gallery features some excellent brushwork by Maciek Kwieciñski who runs the Blog Maciejus as Maciejus_exe. In fact the four cavalry bases won the 5th painting competition run by Contest Model Forum Strategies.

The figures used are from Mirliton's Communal Italian range and are ideal for the 14th century Polish troops. The detailed work and the overall colour choices are particularly impressive, especailly since this was the first time Maciek had tried using highlights. Overall a very well presented army as the following pictures demonstrate:

Maciek says of these figures:
"On the pictures you can see Early Polish III/62b. It is my fifth project. I wanted to show Polish medieval forces with their characteristic coat of arms and colors (as far as DBA system allows it) from the year 1331 from the Battle of Płowce. Where polish knights led by King Władysław I Łokietek fought the Teutonic Order. I've tried to stick to historic truth so the knights have the colours corresponding with real Lords, Dukes etc. that took part in the fight."

There's plenty more fine brush work at Maciek's Blog Maciejus: well worth a visit.