Friday, 26 September 2014

15 mm Corvus Belli Numidians - Daggerandbrush

Chris over at daggerandbrush is working on a Field of Glory army based on Hannibal's army in Spain. He's using a mixture of Corvus Belli and Xyston figures. He recently posted some pictures of his latest work featuring Numidian light horse:

Be sure to click on the above to see a larger image.

In addition to sharing some excellent brush and ground work he also provided a brief historical overview, a review of the figures and an excellent close up of the hand painted shield patterns which make it very easy to try the technique for yourself:

Chris says of the figures:
"The Corvus Belli Numidian cavalry does convince in almost every aspect. There is quite a number of different poses and head variants both for riders and horses that allow to add a lot of variety to a battle group of four or six bases. There is also a superb command pack available, which i still have to paint.

The sculpting is clean and proportions are right, each miniature having lots of character. The horses are nice, too, and look the part.

The casting could be better, as especially with the horses, there is lots of flash to clean. On a positive note mould lines are minimal and easy to clean off. There were no miscasts or misaligned halves."
Here are some of the key points from the painting notes:
"I went for a simple colour scheme that is based on educated guesses. The tunics are painted in an off-white or sand tone, washed brown and then highlighted with succeeding lighter shades of the off-white or sand base colour.

For the skin tone I mixed some brown in my usual skin base colour to achieve an olive skin tone.

To add a bit of variety I used three different shades for the horses: medium brown, beige and sand in combination with different markings."
To finish off here's a few more group shots and I think the larger images (click on any photo) really show the careful brushwork and well chosen colour scheme at their best:

If you like this work you will be pleased to know that Chris is available for commission work and you can contact him at daggerandbrush.

Reproduced with permission.

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