Tuesday, 22 December 2015

15 mm Baueda - Menic Rüttimann

Today’s post feautures some excellent work not just on figures but also on basing and tents!

It took me a while but I eventually tracked down the tent used to Baueda’s 15NKE Egyptian tent.  Any excuse to post some excellent brush work and modelling.

This is a camp for DBA and the whole thing is an excellent composition with a coherent colour scheme and beautiful detail.  The original post appeared on the Menix Miniatures blog and Menic also posted some details of how the base was constructed on the Fanaticus site.

Menic has much more on his blog and has a eBay shop featuring his painted miniatures.


Menic said...

Thank you for posting this here! I added the construction details on my blog now. This here Vexilia-blog is a nice spot. Gives a nice vantage point over the wargaming miniature scene! Thank you for your energy and vision :-) Menic

Anonymous said...

Awesome paint job...and some cute camels too!